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Pregnancy Test Calculator

At first glance pregnancy seems to be a very difficult to handle, but the ecstasy hidden behind the curtains that is unveiled after 9 months brings happiness that cannot be compared with anything else. You need to worries about the pregnancy calculator but why should enjoy it with all the perks and privileges. Despite of being afraid of pain, you should have to plan a comfortable life and plan pregnancy week by week. Many women all around the world apparently get addicted of being pregnant. They choose to get pregnant every year one after another, it seems that they get happy while being pregnant, they love to carry babies inside them and that's what make them special. But in some cases even men love babies and they want their wife to get pregnant, and always think about planning a baby. Mostly people prefer pregnancy calculator to know about everything week by week and the due the due date of delivery. Pregnancy calculators help them a lot in identifying the trimester and due date as well.

Women love their husbands and want them to be always beside them, that makes to get pregnant. The rising ration of divorce, has also make some women more conscious as they want to live with their husbands so they choose to get pregnant as it will further strengthen their relationship. Many women get bumpaolics as they are attention seekers and want everyone to be get attentive towards them and that also make them getting pregnant .

Pregnancy Calculator Works


If you have get pregnant and wants to know about you due date, it works same like the pregnancy test calculator, it is based on (LMP) Last Menstrual Cycle. Pregnancy Calculators available are based on tis simple standard formula to know about the expected date.

Estimated Due Date

Estimated due date is about the expected due date o which a baby has to born, but it varies as only 10% to 15% babies are born on their due date the rest are born 2 to 3 weeks earlier or 2 to 3weeks after the due date. It is highly interlined with your metabolism and overall health condition.

Pregnancy Weeks

It is based on the simple technique and calculate the due date by the first date of you last menstrual cycle, if your menstrual cycle is 36 days and you came to kow on the dy of period that you have get pregnant, it means you are 5 weeks pregnant.

How to Track Pregnancy Weeks

Pregnancy weeks can be tracked very easily, you can calculate due date by first of all identify the first day of your LMP, add 280 days but it varies from women to women due to irregular periods .

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