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PPI Calculator Online

PPI Calculator Online is abbreviation of Pixel Per Inch Calculator. It is a measurement of your electronic device, it can computer, Smartphone, tablet or even your television. Mostly it is measured by horizontally and vertically but non-square pixel has a different pattern. It also identify the resolution of an image, many ppi calculator online are available, PPI is based on square, t assumes horizontal and vertical are the same.

There are plenty of ways to calculate ppi but commonly diagonal screen size is to calculate ppi and you can calculate diagonal screen size ratio. Height and width can also be added to measure. You are free to use values in inches but keep in mind and do not get confuse with aspect ratio because it needs to remain same. All this calculation ca be easily done with PPI calculator online.

Types of PPI

There are many types of PPI Calculator Online but most commonly used types are mentioned below.

Low Density, 120 PPI (LDPI)

  • Medium Density, 120 to 160 PPI (MDPI)
  • Medium High Density, 160 to 213 PPI (TVDPI)
  • High Density, 213 to 240 PPI (HDPI)
  • Extra High Density, 240 to 320 PPI (XHDPI)
  • Extra Extra High Density, 320 to 480 PPI (XXHDPI)
  • Extra Extra Extra High Density, 480 to 640 PPI (XXXHDPI)

Many online services and app are available to calculate PPI, those calculators are very helpful and will give you appropriate results. It is widely used all around the world, especially web developers and app developers use it very commonly to design their projects according to all the screens, so that their projects outlook must be responsive and in accordance with all the screen size.

Many people still prefer to calculate PPI manually with PPI Calculator Online but it is very much difficult to have the right results because of its complex nature. So, the easiest way left is to have calculators.

There is no need to worry about device, you can use these calculators to measure pixel per inch of any device.

Following methods are also used to Calculate Pixel Per Inch.


  • Display Size in Inches
  • Pixel Per Square Inch
  • Display Size in Centimeters

One more method is DPI (Dot Pitch Value) it measure the distance between dots of the one color in a pixel. Many people also call it sub-pixel.

Plenty of online services with play store and IOS apps are available for PPI calculator online, A lot of material is available that can be read to have more detailed information about this particular subject. We will recommend that you should use PPI calculator online as they are very easy to use instead of manual calculation as there is always risk of human error.

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